A Brief History of Our Company:


During the mid 90's, when web hosting was just starting to take off, Chris Schwarz and his partner became fed up with the lack of customer service and the level of support that hosting companies provided to their clients. Lacking a substantial initial investment, the two of them used their savings to purchase 2 servers, an internet connection, and co-location space. Word quickly spread of their exceptional service and level of dedication to their customers. Within just six months, and no advertising campaign to speak of, they quickly grew from 2 servers to over 300. It seemed that a focus on care and courtesy to clients was just what the hosting industry wanted.


Cyber Wurx has grown from 300 servers to running two datacenters of our own that house thousands of servers with access to hundreds of peers for connectivity. Even today we stand by our original commitment to focus on our customer service and maintain the highest level of support for our clients. At Cyber Wurx, we believe this unique approach to business relationships is what defines us as a company. After all, our business and continued success as a web hosting company is dependent on the success of you, our clients. This .Cyber Wurx Experience. is what sets us apart from the numerous other hosting companies advertising 99.9% uptime guarantees. If found us, Welcome to the Family.


Both of our facilities boast the following features:


  • Fully-Redundant Core routers powered by 10Gigabit connectivity
  • OSPF-enabled routing ensures smooth routing transfers in event of equipment failure and network routing changes
  • Powerful 10Gigabit connectivity throughout our distribution network


  • Escort-only access to floors and facilities
  • 24/7/365 manned facilities
  • Closed Circuit security cameras
  • After-hours security patrols


  • Proactive monitoring and control of temperature, humidity, and dust levels
  • Redundant N+1 HVAC cooling
  • State-of-the-art fire suppression


  • On the same power grid as the Federal Reserve Bank
  • N+1 power redundancy via backup generators
  • 16th floor facility ups power included
  • 5th floor facility ups power available